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Our Savior succeeded in achieving specific goals on specific days according to God's calendar. Once we discover these predetermined achievements, we must marvel at God's ability to cause such momentous events on specific days. Only an all powerful Eternal can prove His eternal existence this way. In this incredible show of power, He also demonstrated His eternal love for us. Even more awesome is the enduring love of our Savior demonstrated time and again on these Holy Days, as He sacrificed of Himself to the point of laying down His life for humanity!





Jesus proclaimed to the unbelievers that they will be given the Sign of Jonah in His death and resurrection. The time-span of three days and three nights is generally misunderstood, as the Jewish understanding is missed by most believers. The Sign must be proven, and that means the understanding corrected. But beyond the task of resolving the enigma is the issue of an expanded message that was given to the people in Jerusalem at that time. The Sign proved true in many ways.





The story of the Biblical Flood is difficult to believe, and for most scientists it can not be true. Can we believe it? Recent discoveries by scientists prove that the earth has experienced catastrophic events regularly. If we remove some assumption, and take a careful look at the Scriptures, the events that Noah describes is quite possible. Even more interesting is some facts concerning the times and dates mentioned.    






From a study into the Creation Week, and the facts and dates from the Flood and the Sign of Jonah, a pattern becomes clear in God's dealings with mankind. It forms a Time Matrix that was played out in the creation of mankind major events in the Bible. Once we understand the symbolic meanings of these time elements, we can even look into New Testament events and discover new meanings. The Messiah was telling us more than what is generally known. The Time Matrix is spanning past the current days that we live in.


Every Christian knows of the Crucifixion of our Savior. It is the major event that caused the birth and spread of Christianity. However we can miss the point if we don't understand correctly what led to this momentous event. From a parallel example the reader is taken through the understanding of those that sacrificed in the Temple at Jerusalem, to the experience of the disciples, and to how the epistles play on these experiences to bring about a deep spiritual experience and conversion in the believer.


Prophesy is indeed playing out in news media, as world events march towards the inevitable. If we can recognize the nations involved, we can begin to appreciate world news. We can begin to see Biblical scripture being fulfilled.





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