The Church of God (7th Day) South Africa


Understanding the Godhead


Striving for a correct understanding of the Godhead is essential for salvation.

Knowing God the Father and His son is crucial in order to form a right relationship with them. We have to relate to them in prayer and worship. If our concept is wrong we can be sidetracked by false ideas in so many ways. Our relationship will fail. In the end many give up.

To be saved means to form a permanent bond with the members of the God Family.

“For this cause I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,fof whom the whole family in Heaven and earth is named”

(Ephesians 3”14-15, MKJV)

If we misunderstand the Godhead, how can we form a right relationship with them? Will we be resurrected to eternal life when we have a complete misunderstanding of the Godhead?

What if God is not a Trinity? How would He feel if we have been denying Him His elevated position as the Most High God? How will Jesus feel if we denied his overwhelming devotion to our heavenly Father from the beginning, and for all eternity? How will we bond with them when they are supposed to be seen as an exclusive single being? These are serious issues! This affects our salvation!

In the first four chapters we will take a realistic look at the concepts of the Godhead as is simplistically shown in your Bible. Then from chapter five we will consider the Trinity doctrine in detail, and show how the Bible disagrees with this apparent mystery. We will then deeply investigate all the apparent scriptures that are supposed to support this enigma. We will show them in the true light of the first century theology, and will see the support for the Trinity doctrine disappear like the morning mist before the light of a clear day.

In this journey you will discover aspects of the Godhead you may not have known for all your life. You will emerge with a clear and straight forward understanding and appreciation of the Godhead.

In the end you will be sure of the truth. Then you can begin to build a right relationship with the God Family, which can last forever!

Chapter one begins by looking at what was understood in the first century by the apostles. We look at what is meant by the term “the only begotten Son of God” in several scriptures, and also the oneness of God.

In Chapter two is a discussion of God the Father.

Chapter three is a study into Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Chapter four discusses the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God the Father.

Chapter five looks at the historical overview from Old Testament scriptures.

In Chapter six is a discussion of why the Jews reject the Trinity doctrine, and how it fails in the light of many scriptures.

Chapter seven begins to discuss the many mistranslations in the average Bible, all done to support the Trinity Doctrine.

Chapter eight then asks why and when did the errors crept into general Christianity and the average translation.

Chapter nine takes a good look at what is meant with the oneness of God.

Who is the God of the Old Testament? This is discussed in chapter ten.

There are then many contentious scriptures that may come to mind. Chapter eleven is dedicated to resolve understanding around these misunderstood scriptures.

Chapter twelve looks at warnings from the apostle John about the seriousness of misunderstanding the Godhead. It shows that your salvation is at stake!

This is a serious matter. It needs to be addressed if we are to reach for eternal life! How can we expect to meet and live with the Father and His Son if we misunderstand them completely?  



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