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The Flood - can we believe it? Second Edition

The event of the Biblical Flood was so immense, few will believe it. How can the earth have experienced a catastrophic event on such a scale! It seems impossible today. The world is stable, and we have few natural disasters that could pose a threat to millions of people. Such a worldwide flood seems impossible.


And so we base our opinion on our limited lifespan and its limited experiences, and we turn away from Biblical Truth.

If we are to believe the Bible we must be sure. Is there evidence of such events in the earth?

In the first chapter we will deal with the possibility of catastrophic events that must have had wide effects on surroundings, perhaps even on a worldwide scale. Become aware of massive impact craters in the earth. Know about the ocean in the earth’s mantle. Consider some recent smaller events, and the discovery of many dangerous near earth objects.

In chapter two we look at a Biblical description of a meteor slamming into the earth. 

Chapter three shows in a realistic way how any number of known near earth objects can cause worldwide destruction and threaten mankind in total.

Chapter four then deals with known facts about the Biblical flood, and it becomes more real and possible.

Chapter five shows the aftermath of such a worldwide catastrophic event, and how it devastated mankind’s existence.

The Bible is true. Noah reported faithfully. You can believe your Bible! The Biblical Flood did happen, and had worldwide catastrophic repercussions!


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