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The Creator's Time Matrix Second Edition

After the sin of Adam and Eve, the open relationship with their creator was lost. They began to hide from Him.


The situation developed to the point where mankind is completely cut off from the Creator. In His absence they fabricated an education system that totally denies Him. The danger exist that mankind can live in vain. At that point the Creator will be justified to allow a meteor to destroy us all! We may as well go the way of the Dinosaur!

However the Creator has compassion and mercy, and can be found by those who will seek Him.

One way you can discover and prove His eternal existence is through His Word. We can look at the historical aspect and find that the Bible is true. We can look at the fulfillment of prophesies and see that they were fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled right now! However there is another proof of His existence and influence in mankind’s affairs!

The Creator chose to do His creative work through a formula! We can test the formula against actual events, and every time it fits. The Creator left a legacy of time sequences for us to prove His involvement!

This book provides another opportunity for the doubters to be convinced of the Creator, and His power over His creation! The Creator left us a seven by seven Time Matrix to show the creation and salvation of mankind!

This book provides another opportunity for Christians to deepen their faith in the Word of God. This insight was granted to a servant, and is now granted to the reader. May you be blessed with insight and understanding, and become convinced beyond any doubt!

There is a reason why the Creator renewed the surface of the Earth in six days. There is a reason why He rested on the seventh day.

Prior reading

A general misunderstanding of the Creation Week has led people to disbelieve Genesis 1 in the face of apparent scientific evidence. It will be good to rectify your understanding of the creation week through a holistic approach to the scriptures. We have to understand and believe it. This is done in the book “Harmonising the Creation Week and Science”.

Secondly it will be good to consider the event of the great Flood, and pick up on some Biblical time sequences. This is done in the book “The Flood – can we believe it.”

Thirdly many churches lost the true sequence of events concerning the fulfilment of the Sign of Jonah. It will be best to expand the understanding of the Sign of Jonah, and correctly identify and apply the sequence. This is done in the book “The Sign of Jonah – expanded.”

Armed with these corrections and some knowledge of Biblical sequences, we can move on and discover the Creator’s Time Matrix. We can only marvel at the sequence of these events, and how a brilliant and powerful Creator could have planned it to happen this way. Many events even happened on their specifically assigned days, to create the Time Matrix.

Chapter one provides an introduction, and summary of the Creation Week.

Chapter two shows the sequence in the creation of the nation Israel.

Chapter three deals with the Millennial outlay.

Chapter four delves into the creation of Christ’s last week in the flesh.

Chapter five look at the creation of our lives.

Chapter six shows the creation of Christ’s earthly life in the flesh.

Chapter seven notices the creation of the seven churches. This completes the seven by seven matrix!

At the end of this book we will look at some events in the Gospel accounts and add knowledge and insight, taking knowledge from the Time Matrix. The numbers add great value and insights into how the Savior planned these events. It is astounding! Incredible! The Bible is so true! And it contains codes like these! It is so compelling! Who can deny the Hand of the Creator at work over many millenniums! It is unbelievable!


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