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Nations of the Last Days Second Editions



Prophetic events are shown in the news media on a weekly basis! The seeds of the beginning of World War III are already being sown! Yet few seem to be aware of what is really going on! To understand we need to identify the Nations of the End Time, or we will miss it all!

This book was written to make world news come alive for the reader. Once we can identify the nations involved, we can begin to see what is happening, and understand.

How did we get here? Why do we have these world conflicts? Why did World War I and II happen? Why will WWIII happen? Can it be avoided?                          

A most dramatic event will happen as WWIII escalates. The nations – even so called Christian nations – will resist the return of Messiah!

How is this possible? How can this happen? Yet this is the future we are heading towards! How can it come to this? We will see as we follow the story of mankind in this book.

Firstly we will begin this story from before mankind was created. We will consider events from before Genesis one. We will see where it all started!

Secondly we will consider our first parent’s options in Genesis, and the choice they made. We will see the results thereof, and how it affects us all down the path of history.

Thirdly we will see the birth of the Nations of the Last Days later on in the book of Genesis, around the time of the Patriarchs.

Fourthly we will see these nations being drawn in to the greatest travesty of justice: the crucifixion of Christ!

Fifthly we will consider the aftermath of the crucifixion of Christ, and the burden these nations face because of this travesty of justice, and their inability to truly repent on a national scale.

Then we will consider how these nations will be drawn into WWIII. We will see the reasons why they will face this terrible destruction. We will see that this is true on a colossal scale, spanning thousands of years! But ultimately God is merciful!

Finally we will see the repentance of these nations on a national scale, and the salvation of the Lord. The story fortunately will have a happy ending. This book shows how it will be achieved.

Your eyes need to be opened to what you see on the news! The true saints need to understand, and be able to identify the reasons, and know how to lead the world away from war in the future.

This is why you have a Bible. It shows you the reasons in the failures of mankind to bring lasting peace. It shows you even the time frame! It shows you how everything is developing to WWIII! Once you understand, then you can also know that the eternal God knew far in advance, and you can believe that He exist! Then you can know for sure that He is concerned, that He is allowing us into the mess as mankind will not worship Him. You can also know that He is loving, and that once mankind is ready, He will provide salvation!

Then you can know that the Bible IS the Word of God!

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