The Church of God (7th Day) South Africa

Life after Death 

In the chapel the mourners listen to the pastor. He exclaims how the deceased is now with Jesus in heaven.

At the grave the mourners gather again. Standing between the tombstones, the pastor promises that the person will one day be resurrected. And the people seem numb to the obvious contradiction.

If the person is already with Jesus why is a resurrection required? Why enter the resurrected body at a future date when you are already in heaven?

And if we have the option of going to heaven, what will we be doing there? Will it not be boring?

And then there is the prospect that we may find ourselves in hell fire. That will be terrible! But wait. There is still a future resurrection that must happen. And if so, for what purpose will we escape hell and re-enter our resurrected bodies again?

Is this true? Will God really go and burn unrepentant sinners in hell? But how can that be if we are to be resurrected? Very confusing!

What are our prospects? Where may we find ourselves after death? Are there options? And what can we do about it?

What does the Bible really say on this subject? What happens after death? And can we do something about our future? We really need to know!

The truth from the Bible is quite different from the assumptions that people have made! It is very different from what many churches propose. The Bible actually has a lot to say about the afterlife. And it may be quite different from what many people believe!

In chapter one the question is ask if the Bible supports the notion that we go to heaven the moment we die. The truth is not so simple.

Chapter two deals with objections to the truth, and why people in general believes the misunderstanding.

Chapter three shows how science and current technological advances can demonstrate the truth.

In chapter four we deal with the reality of the two resurrections. We look at when they will happen and why, and what will happen at each one to fulfill our salvation.

In chapter five we go back to the promises to the patriarchs in the Bible.

Chapter six shows how the resurrections are part of the fulfillment of the promises.

Chapter seven shows that hell is not really what people in general believe it to be. It is quite something else.

Chapter eight shows what the Judgment Day is all about, and that it is also not the end of the story.

Is there a secret rapture coming? Chapter nine shows that it is not going to be secret at all.

In chapter ten we look at the whole sequence. We see how the weekly and annual Sabbaths of Israel actually shows the sequence of mankind’s salvation.

After reading this nook you will know why we live, what our future is and can be, and that a loving God has a plan for all of us. Our roads to salvation and eternal life may pass through different paths depending on circumstances and our own choices. In the end salvation is on offer for all of Adam’s children, sooner or later.

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